Saving Videos Easily For a Change – A QuickFlics Review

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Andrew always looks at me and shakes his head, “How can you use something so much and still have so much trouble making it work for you?”

Because if there’s a way to break it, I’ve probably figured it out already. I don’t have a lot of patience with all my devices, I just want them to work. I don’t mind taking the time to learn new things, but once I find a system that I’m happy with, I won’t change it unless forced.

And once I realized I could get pictures off my phone  via iCloud without having to connect it to my computer and fire up an achingly slow iPhoto, that was my modus operandi. Yes, I know you’re supposed to sync your phone regularly but I’m a busy girl who doesn’t have time to argue with her operating system, her USB port, and Steve Jobs every time I need some storage on my phone.

Which is often. Because I have a lot of people to record memories for.

The problem was, this left a bunch of videos on my phone because they don’t transfer when the pictures do. Which made my phone fill up quickly. And, until I recently got to upgrade my phone, my solution was almost always to think, “Oh well,” and delete the video, which is sort of a bad way to keep up with cherished memories.

However, I was recently approached by a company that will change all of that. QuickFlics is an app that lets me move the videos on my phone to something a bit more lasting: a DVD. I upload the videos straight through the app, pay the small fee, and they send me a compiled DVD of everything.

how to quickflics-01-01

This makes so much sense. In sitting with my kids through one episode of “Martha Speaks,” I can upload all the videos I want to save in a month and have them sent to our mailbox.  Even better, I can have another copy sent straight to the grandparents. And if QuickFlics would just include instructions for “How to make this play in your DVD player without calling me for instructions,” that’d be perfect.

Take, for example, the videos we took at Disney. My kids will want to watch those moments over and over again. I hate iMovie with the heat of a thousand suns  so I would never, no never, not in a million years sit down to argue with it to compile those videos. Or if I did, I would lose a week a of my life and some of my hair.  (Not enough so anyone would notice, but…)

The good news is, with QuickFlics, I’m already done. Our Magical Vacation Video is sitting on my counter, loaded into my laptop, and will soon be on everyone’s iPad or device to enjoy.

There’s nothing particularly fancy about the DVD. Videos are strung together in the order that you submit them. There’s no music or special editing involved. But sometimes, all we need is to know where the videos are, that they’re easy to store, easy to organize, and we can watch them whenever we want and keep them forever.

Also – Mamas? Look me in my serious eyes now – Nobody but you cares if those iPhone videos are set to music and have cute little typography added to the fade in and fade out. My kids have reminded me over and over that they would prefer I just let them ACTUALLY WATCH the videos than that they be strung together into viral video perfection.

Upload your videos in the order you want them put together on the DVD and you’re done. And in case you’re like me and forget which videos you’ve already uploaded, the new update to the app reminds you.

Even better, the nice people at Quickflics have a deal for all Vitafamiliae readers!

Go to: https://quickflics.com/promo-code/ 

Enter the promo code vitafamiliaeQFFREE and you will get your first disc free (less $3.99 shipping/handling) once you have download the app and created your QuickFlics account. (You need to select the $7.99/monthly option in order for the promo code to work. You can cancel your QF service at any time!)

Full disclosure: We were given our first video free in exchange for trying out the service and writing our real opinions. But I will absolutely be using this service again. It’s time to start letting the rest of the family enjoy their own antics on a screen larger than my phone.

Now go out there this holiday season and record some memories… and then actually WATCH them!

Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps!



Tipping My Hat

Here’s a tip, Mamas:


If you’re feeling a little lost, a little overwhelmed, a little tired and not sure what all this is for – pull one of those babies close and listen to their heart beat. Strong and fast and steady… that’s life with kids.

It’ll make you want to throw your head back and try just a little harder.

And also maybe sing with gratefulness.

But don’t sing. Because that same sweet baby will turn her head and MOCK YOU.


Which is why I put my kids in goofy hats just as long as I can. Revenge is wrapped up in your wedding slide show, child.

Just ask Finn.