Vitafam Storms The Magic Kingdom

In case you hadn’t noticed via all the other social media, we’re currently vacationing in Disney World. I have A LOT of thoughts and a few tips to share, but those will need to wait. Because I need to record the actual memories first before I, you know, don’t remember.

The internet here is achingly slow, Mickey’s magic doesn’t extend to the WIFI, so please forgive the lazy blogging in pictures and captions. There’s still lots of love and way more hours behind it than you’d think.

Day One: Magic Kingdom


On the ferry. That’s my “oh my word, this is actually happening to US,” face. The kids were in that “go very still lest we wake up from a dream” phase of taking it all in.



They wore their princess dresses to the Magic Kingdom. We also got them Happy Birthday buttons since this is technically their birthday trip. Everyone has told them “Happy Birthday, Princess!” They act like they don’t care, but Mira made sure she wore hers at Hollywood Studios, too, so somebody likes the attention just a little.


The required photo op.



Because we’re idiots, we went straight to the ride we knew would get crowded and threw everyone (except Mira and Willa) down Space Mountain. Who knew our kids weren’t roller coaster people? Adam screamed and cried the whole way down and I alternated between trying to pretend it was fun “Wheeeeee!!!” and trying to comfort my terrified kids and protect their chiropractic health, “It’s ok, baby, Mama thinks it’s fun! See? Yeeeeee-haw! Lean your head back, baby, and close your eyes! It’ll be over soon!” Ellen gritted her teeth and survived without a sound. But she was cured of ever trusting us again. Part of Disney I neglected to budget for? Post-traumatic Stress Therapy Bills.



On to something less scarring… Teacups with the Ladies!



One of my favorite pictures of the day. Mira genuinely loved a good spin. And Ellen knew how to make it happen…



Dumbo with my Monkeys.



They loved this ride. Sheer exhilaration and joy. I could hear them squealing “Wheeeeee!” behind me.



It may be the name we were raised under, but it’s also a pretty good tie-in to our favorite book character of all time.



Andrew in Eeyore’s house. No resemblance is implied.



I had to beg to get them to pose like Gaston and Lefou. The Lefou’s Brew at the tavern behind us was excellent. Some kind of frozen apple juice with mango whip cream. Yummeh.



Small World. Mesmerizing little kids and mystifying adults for decades…



This was Mira’s favorite moment. Rapunzel was hilarious and even danced with the girls and teased my boys. Later, Mira would declare “Everyt’ing is FAKE.” But she believed in this moment.


Two strong-hearted girls not afraid to do the hard stuff. I love ‘em.


Toward the end of our day, tired and overwhelmed by the crowds. But happy. So brilliantly happy…


The Electric Parade. I have fond memories of this as a kid. I snapped this shot because I knew Tinker Bell was headed for the zip line above the Castle and I wanted a memento in case she died. I had all kinds of anxiety wrapped up in jealousy when she came careening down that zip line over the Magic Kingdom. I alternately screamed, “Best Job Ever!!!” and “Oh my word YOU COULD DIE!!!”


I waited until I was 35 to fall in love with fireworks, but y’all, Disney knows how to put on a show. These were timed perfectly, not as loud, and just stinkin’ Magical. Nobody does A Grand Finale better than Disney. I held Mira close and cried and squealed with sheer glee and joy. Best. Moment. Ever.


It took us a good solid hour and a half to work our way out of the park. It was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it and you never saw such a tired, pitiful little crowd as ours, struggling to keep all nine of us together. Mira and Willa gave up and slept all the way back to the car. Double stroller? Good decision.

We’re heading back home tomorrow and I’ll work on catching us up and making a list of tips and tricks we learned. I kept little notes on my phone for you as we goofed up (i.e. Space Mountain first) so that you all can learn from our mistakes. All part of the service here at Vitafamiliae…


Your Moment Of…

It’s been a bit of a morning around here. The big kids are at co-op. Except for Adam, who has injured his leg and has a doctor’s appointment later. Gonna be mighty inconvenient to go to Disney World if he can’t walk…

And then there’s my washing machine, which decided this was a good week to go on strike. My laundry room looks like this:


We’re taking the whole family to the laundromat tonight, so, you know, bloggy fodder is on its way…

However, I do have some good things to share: First, and probably least important, my new StitchFix box was a total keeper. Loved every item. I wish I had the photography skills to prove it. I think S.F has found its new groove since all the growing pains. If you’ve been wanting to try, now would be a good time! (Link includes my referral code.)


Willa is at a delightful stage where every word out of her mouth is hilarious. She’s got a pretty dry wit for a five year old and Drama is her middle name. But this little exchange just made me giggle:

“Daddy? Can Mira and me go outside?”

“No, can Mira and I go outside?”

Giggles. “Not you, Daddy! Mira and ME!!”

That took a few minutes to sort out.


And finally, in my first day of teaching my co-op class of middle schoolers, I wanted to show them a funny little grammar cartoon at the end of class. Without thinking, I mentioned The Daily Show, although none of them would have seen it at 10 pm, and how at the end of the show, there is a 15 second blurb of ridiculousness they call The Moment of Zen. Then I showed them their very own “moment of zen” and we all had a good laugh.


They made me promise to do one every week.

It wasn’t until I got home and was patting myself on my back for my super cool teaching skills that I realized I’d just promised a bunch of Baptist homeschoolers “A Moment of Zen,” not to mention that I’d brought up a television show even I shouldn’t be allowed to watch.


Anyway, I explained it all to the parents and nobody minds and it’s the highlight of my class every single week. Any time I can mix potty humor with grammar gaffes, it’s a sure hit.

All of that to say, I leave you with this, Your Moment of… wait for it… Finn: