About A Boy

I finally have in my hot little hands all the latest family pictures from our recent photo session with my fantabulous sister.

Which means I will be torturing your eyeballs often with pictures I didn’t take.

You’re welcome.

It also means I’m inspired to write down a bit about the kids as they are captured.

Let’s start with the youngest, shall we?


This is the look Finn wears most often: disdain and confusion. He’s not sure how he got stuck with our crowd. He can never understand why we aren’t feeding him right-this-very-second. Give him a cigar and a snifter in his hand, we’ve got a young Winston Churchill.

He is 8 months old now and he just started crawling. I am remembering all the parts about this little season that are terrifying. (WHAT is in his mouth? HOW MANY did he eat? and my favorite: WHERE IS THE BABY?) He’s highly energetic and rarely sits still. I’m rather surprised Abbi got a picture that wasn’t blurry.


This is what he looks like when he smiles. The heavens open, yes? He’s very charming. Just like his daddy…

Because he is my seventh child and I am tired, he eats pretty much whatever. Today he experienced his first Oreo. He was extremely disappointed when it was gone.


Who can blame him? I feel that way often about my own chocolate stash.

Finn has a distinct morning ritual. He wakes up and we snuggle down in my warm bed for the first feeding. He’s still and quiet on the first side, but that second side must be caffeinated. He starts flailing, usually scratching me in the process. His latest habit is to enjoy the sound his flat little palm makes against my collar bone. “Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.”

He never misses a swallow, just smacks me and keeps on eating.

Then he will very suddenly decide that he is done and shove himself violently away, sitting up in the process. He immediately stares at Andrew’s (still sleeping) head and “calls” his daddy. “Eh… Eh… Eh.”

If Andrew doesn’t respond, he starts with the smacking only this time it’s to the side of Andrew’s head. But as soon as Andrew grunts back, “Eh,” Finn’s face breaks out into a grin and he bounces a little in glee.

The two of them have enacted this little scene since he was about three months old. We think it’s because he’s a genius. More than likely, it’s because he’s the youngest of seven and he likes to interact with his pack at all times. Either way, it’s pretty cute. (Except the violence to my person. I could do without that.)


He’s my first child to prefer a pacifier. It helps him think. He’s very philosophical.


Pondering Uncle Noah's head... or checking him for fleas, I really can't tell.

After three girls in a row, getting to enjoy another boy baby is fun, but a bit of an adjustment. Already, he shows great daring. He’s got more bumps and scrapes on his head than all of his sisters combined. He wants to be tossed in the air higher (playfully), tickled harder, and his response is just as boisterous.

Having three boys under two was tough on my mama heart. Having my seventh child be a boy, too?

It may well kill me dead.

But, oh, it would be a mighty good way to go…




  1. That photo of the two of you is so so so precious!!!

  2. He’s so handsome and those pictures are adorable! And it’s so glad to see that I’m not the only one who has a baby boy training to be a contortionist while he eats! Malachi usually ends up vertical to me on his most active days. He’s constantly having to grab, push, pull, kick, pounce, maneuver all while nursing. Oh, and he hasn’t found chocolate on the floor yet, but he did dive in to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (on the table) and some eggs (on the floor).

  3. Love the pics! My 4th one always wants us to all be together…he’s just used to all the crazy.

  4. What a gift each child is. Your Finn is just darling!

    I found your blog about a week ago after searching for homeschooling blogs, and yours immediately drew me in! I am a mom to 6 children, 7 and under (including 10 month old twin girls). and homeschooling our oldest two. I’ve searched your blog and read a number of your older posts and love how much I can relate to you on so many levels. Thanks for your writing, and for being Christ-centered as you write (and so, I imagine, as you live). What a blessing to those of us reading, and more importantly to your family!

  5. he have 2 daughters and we’re in the process of adopting our 7 month old son. i am amazed at how “all boy” he is, and has been since the beginning! his favorite thing to do is attack my face with his mouth while he growls and screams….i know i will regret letting him do this when those first teeth pop through. :)

  6. I love the grace with which you raise 7 kids and connect with your husband.
    Finn is adorable and I look forward to seeing the rest of the photos and commentary!

  7. That first picture – SO fantastic.

  8. Janice McClean says:

    I just have to say that your post made me smile this morning … and the Oreo picture made me actually LOL!!!! If it wasn’t so weird (and probably inappropriate) I would have that picture enlarged and framed on my kitchen wall!
    I also have 7 children but I cheated and my eldest bio three are in their twenties and the younger bunch are 5, 4, 3, and 6 months. I also have uttered the words “What does the baby have in her mouth?” on numerous occasions … toughens ‘em up, right?

  9. just love:) hugs, jen

  10. Thanks, Tara!

  11. Janice – I don’t mind a bit that somebody else thinks my kid is cute! :-)

  12. “Where is the baby?” haha, that has definitely been said before in our house ;) she is so quick! ;) Beautiful pic of you two and so sweet!


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