Essential Oils – My Five Favorites

So I know a lot of people are really in to essential oils right now. I had no idea they would be such a hot topic when I started using them a year ago. I’d love to take all of you with questions out for coffee and tell you all that I know, but the internet isn’t THAT magical. Instead, I made you a video of five of my favorite oils and how we use them.

Enjoy my goofiness…

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  1. I am totally guilty of the buying essential oils and leaving them on the counter. I think I just feel nervous to dive in, and it isn’t a new habit yet. I’m excited to try the peppermint oil for tension headaches. Thanks for posting the video!

  2. Lisa Blakesley says:

    This is all SO helpful! Especially for us headache sufferers! Thank you LL for taking the time to do this. Can I ask what kind of diffuser you use for your oils?

  3. Lora Lynn Fanning says:

    Lisa – I use an aroma ace. But there are definitely cheaper ones out on the market. For headaches I’d apply directly to the skin. There’s a great blend called Past Tense that works the best on tension headaches. :-)

  4. Mary Craig Hart says:

    You ROCK. I took notes! This was so helpful. Can any of my stuff help acne? I have been broken out terribly ever since we got back from Africa and it’s not getting better. STRESS, anyone?

  5. Mary Craig Hart says:

    Oh! Here’s what I AM doing- still washing my face with Olive oil/Castor oil mix and i’ve now added a few drops of Lemon oil to it. And I’m drinking water with a drop of lemon oil added. Beyond that I’m clueless. Help me, oh wise one. :)

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