Of Hats and Milk Fat

Andrew went to the store for some more dairy products, (He was making ice cream and my yogurt was on sale – looked like quite a milk fat binge!) My fridge looks like this:


But the hum of the ice cream maker at work is music to my ears…

Andrew also brought me a stack of home decorating magazines. We’ve made an offer on a house that will need some work, although we don’t have a signed contract or anything, so it’s a bit premature. But a girl’s gotta make plans…


The kids are enjoying the reprieve from having to keep the house so spiffy. I’m pretty sure the minute we had a signed contract one of them walked over to the couch with its multiple accent pillows and threw each and every one of them on the floor. They’ve stayed there for two days. I’m content to leave them for just a bit longer.


They’re also still obsessed with Newsies. They know every word to all the songs and I am ridiculously proud, except for when they burst into song in a restaurant. And because I can’t help myself when it comes to encouraging their love of musicals, I bought the boys each a Newsies cap.


It is taking everything in me not to buy one for Finn and stage a photo shoot. They’re ridiculously adorable.


Ian has one, too, but he’s still sporting a black eye from earlier this week and would rather not be photographed. Instead, I leave you with this image, which only true Newsies afficianados will appreciate. Sam has been practicing the little jump at the very end of the movie when the credits roll. I think he’s about got it.


Happy Friday, y’all. Celebrate with a Newsies kick, will ya?

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