Pajama Cheese and Other Tales

We are busy soaking up In Real Life interaction with some of our favorite people and aren’t exactly left with much time for blogging these days. Can’t wait to tell you all about it, but in the meantime, I must record the following:

1. Ellen saw me fixing spaghetti. She quickly requested that I sprinkle some “Pajama Cheese” on top.

Yes, baby. And I always will. Parmesan cheese is now dead to me. Pajama Cheese is its new name.

2. On nights when Andrew has a late meeting, I treat the kids to a movie with Mommy. They love funny animal movies, so we watch them together and then we take a little time to talk about some character qualities we liked and character qualities we didn’t like in the movie.

Last week, we watched Marmaduke. I fast forward through some of the “human gooey love stuff” because the kids ask me to. They’re really more interested in the animal story line.

And the bodily function jokes. Yes, we’ve reached that stage where passing gas is hilarious. Which is how we got this cute little rendition of the kids’ favorite scene from Mira today. She told us:

“My fave-rit part of da movie when Mama-duke say, ‘Wait for it… wait for it… Poooooooh. MAMA-DUKE!”

And then she waved her hand in front of her nose as if she could smell the offensive odor from her place at the table.

And, oh how we laughed. Not because the joke was any funnier the 400th time we heard it, but because it came from her. And it emerged from around the huge grin on her face.

And that’s a story I get to treasure forever.


Mira and Meme



  1. LOVE it! I want Pajama Cheese now.

  2. One of our kids used to call it “Harmerdarn” cheese, and we still call it that. I’m not sure my children actually know it’s supposed to be “Parmesan.”

    Also we had a toddler who counted one-two-six for a few months like nine years ago, and my husband and I still count to three like that. It’s a wonder any of my children can function in the real world at all.

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