Taking The Long Road Home

We had a great little road trip, despite its beginnings. Much to tell you, but just to be obnoxious, I’m gonna do the trip in reverse. Which means we’re going to start with the drive home.

Makes you crazy, doesn’t it?

We haven’t taken many field trips this year because of moving and, well, that whole leaving the house thing. Since we’d already left the house, we figured we might as well make an attempt at “family field trip.” So I stifled my inner neurosis that insists we travel at warp speed with as few stops as possible so we can Get There Already and we decided to amble our way down I-65.

Our first stop was in Louisville, to see the Louisville Slugger Museum. This was right off the interstate and the perfect size museum for a quick hit.


Clearly not aware the picture was being taken. Also, I didn’t sprout a third arm, that’s Finn’s leg hanging out to the side.

My brother Emmanuel was with us and I made him pretend to be tickling a statue. He tolerated me very sweetly.

IMG_8431There was a factory tour that allowed us to see bats being made. There were lots of things to touch (Adam was happy,) things to look at, and it all felt very authentic, not museum-y. They were actually making bats. And they wouldn’t let me take pictures. But afterward, we checked out the Lego exhibit.

IMG_8433Yet another generation learned to tolerate my silly picture poses.

IMG_8434From there, we hit the batting cages. All but the Littles took a few swings. Which sounded fine until I saw my babies staring down a pitching machine and I remembered none of them had ever swung a bat before.

IMG_8439They survived with very little injury (Sam took a ball bounce to his face, but I smeared some lavender oil on him and he calmed down) and each even miraculously made contact with the ball!


The Cheering Section

We hit the road again and headed to Nashville. We were stopping to visit some dear friends for dinner, but since we were being all footloose and ambly, Andrew and I made a stop for nostalgia’s sake. We checked out the jewelry store where we bought my engagement ring 800 years ago. The same guy, Salem, is still running it and chatted to us like long lost friends while my ring was cleaned and a prong was fixed. And he told Andrew what shiny item to buy me next. Well worth the stop!


Coolest jeweler ever.

After the longest “dinner” ever with some of our favorite people, we hit the road for the last leg of our trip at 10 pm. (The kids were angels that night. I think their little introverted selves were ready to watch some TV and chill out for a bit after all the Big! Family! Fun! of the weekend.)

With a bit of caffeine and a good book on tape, we wheeled into the driveway at 1 am. And, oh, it was so nice to be home. We had a fabulous time, but there’s nothing quite like pulling into Home when you’ve been away.

What I Learned: Driving at night with kids is certainly convenient and fulfills my every traveling neurosis. But if you’ve got to drive during the day and you’ve got the flexibility, stretching it out a bit with some fun breaks is a great way to go. The trip didn’t feel painful at all and everyone was content to make 2 and 3 hour chunks of the drive rather than all 10 hours at once.

Plus, we totally counted that bad boy as school…










  1. Great family field trip. Traveling at night is great for our boys. I love the photos by the Legos.

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