Tips For Using Oils For Colds & Sniffles

For Christmas, Santa gave us all the sniffles. Fortunately, I knew we’d been exposed and started applying essential oils in advance. I truly think it’s been the difference in keeping me upright. I usually get an illness the worst, but I’ve been able to keep going and take care of folks this time around. Glory!


That being said, it’s 9:41 and we’re all still in our jammies… from two days ago. So it’s not like I’m running marathons over here. Which makes me glad I recorded this video for y’all a few weeks ago, back when I looked less like death warmed over. Here’s some of the ways I use oils when we have respiratory gunk going on, as in NOW:

And this time around, I’ve picked up a few more tips.

This printable I pulled off of Pinterest has a great “sore throat” remedy. It tastes terrible, but it works well.

coldandflu(source unknown – Holler if you know where it came from)

We’ve also used baths to bring down fevers and help folks feel better. I used this detox bath recipe and then added five drops each of lavender, melaleuca, and eucalyptus. Just a heads up, I actually got a headache when I did this for myself because of the detoxing. But my kids loved it and seemed to perk up afterward. For myself next time, I’ll probably skip the baking soda.


I’m loving the new OnGuard plus capsules from Doterra because it saves me lots of drips and time by making the “cold and flu” bombs for me. Plus, these have melissa in them, something I don’t have. They’re quick, travel well, and even my older kids can swallow them. However, I’m still rubbing lemon and clove on everybody’s feet a few times a day and they get a smear of eucalyptus across their nose if they’re stuffy. Because I like to be hands on.

And just for funsies, I made oatmeal for all the sore throats yesterday and threw a few drops of OnGuard in the pot. I added Craisins and it really did taste like Christmas for breakfast with all of the wild orange, cloves, and cinnamon from the OnGuard. Everybody but one loved it. Not sure it had any health benefits, but it’s something I’ll do again because it tasted good.


We’ll keep on shuffling through and be up and at ‘em soon. Hope the rest of you are healthy!





  1. Ok, so I did my first Barre3 workout today, and I am soooo glad I started with a 10 minute workout. I’m wondering if I should try to do 10 minutes each day and see what kind of results I get from that. I’m sweating and shaking and my heart rate was definitely up from just 10 minutes, so I’m afraid to try anything longer for awhile. And I’m thrilled that I still have plenty of nap time left! Yay!

  2. I bought oregano and haven’t used it yet because I’m kind of a sissy and I know it’s a hot oil! If you do it in a veggie cap or a shot glass for a cold, how many drops do you usually use?
    I LOVE that you are doing more videos on EO use because I’m still just starting out with them and still learning!!

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